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Latest News

Next breeding Season

We can not wait until next breeding season, we have lots of new geckos to breed. Are you looking forward to it?

Coming soon

Soon, we are getting another colony of leopard geckos, aswell as a few other surprise geckos. Keep updated to find out more!

New Homes

We have recently set up a new vivarium for our leopard geckos, viper geckos and house gecko. We are also in the process of building a large outdoor enclosure for our tortoises.

Egg incubation

A helpful service for you and your reptiles

Any Questions?

All your questions answered by me

We rescue any reptiles

If we have enough space, we will take in any unwanted reptiles, never mind how big or small or aggressive. Every animal deserves a happy and healthy home with correct care and love.

Need A Care Sheet??

We have some care sheets of some of the reptiles we will be breeding next year. We also have several more care sheets on the way. Feel free to read them and print them of to keep with you and learn how to care for your reptile(s) if you already don't  or learn new information about them.

Our new forum!

The website is undergoing some changes, once they are complete we should have a forum to share ideas, sell reptiles and equipment and chat about our reptile experiences! 

Our Reptiles